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College in the High School

The Enrollment Options program of the State of Minnesota has enabled high school juniors and seniors to enroll in college level courses and earn credits at no expense to the student.  The CIHS Program provides a vital link between secondary schools and post-secondary institutions.  The CIHS Program offers college courses through Central Lakes College.  Faculty and program administrators from CLC carefully monitor the courses to ensure that the CIHS Program sections maintain standards identical to those of sections taught on the college campus.  This program gives college-bound students a unique opportunity to gauge their ability to do college work in introductory freshman-level courses prior to full time college study.

Requirements to be eligible to receive college credit:

GPA Requirements:  Seniors must have a 2.50 Cumulative GPA and Juniors must have a 3.00 Cumulative GPA.

College Courses Offered at the Little Falls Community High School:

Course Number Course Title                             College Credit Value
1754 & 1755 College Wind Symphony 1
3126 & 3127 College English/Intro to Literature 3
3136 College Composition I 4
3137 College Composition II 4
3230 & 3231 College Algebra/College Pre-Calculus 5
3232 & 3233 College Calculus 5
3320 & 3321 College Chemistry 4
3324 College Environmental Biology 3
3330 & 3331 College Biology/Human Anatomy 3
3332 & 3333 College Physics 4
3567 Art Appreciation 3
3610 College Accounting I 3
3623 Money Management Skills 1
3619 Intro to Business 3
1894 &1895 Spanish III 3
3896 & 3897 Spanish IV 4

All of the CIHS courses offered at LFCHS are through Central Lakes College.

Transcripts and Transferring Courses to Other Colleges:

Students in CIS classes are enrolled in their local high schools and at Central Lakes College.

CIS courses are recorded on both a student's high school transcript and a CLC transcript.

Credits earned are fully transferable to any college within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU) system, and if a class meets the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal at Central Lakes College other MNSCU Colleges must accept it as meeting the same goal at their college.

Students who wish to transfer credits to a private college or out-of-state need to check with the particular college to check on the transferability.  Often these colleges will want to see course syllabi, so students should always keep a copy for this purpose.

CLC Transcripts may be obtained from CLC.