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College Applications

Many Minnesota schools do not charge an application fee during the year and many more do not charge in October.

Obtaining Applications

Most colleges prefer students to complete applications online by going to the college's website.  Some applications are available in the Guidance Office.  Others may be obtained by writing or calling the college/university.  Once you have the application, read it over carefully, note the deadlines & then begin filling it out with a blue or black pen!

Completing Applications

Some applications have just one part with the counselor information included.  Other applications will have separate sections for the student, the counselor, and the teacher.  If this is the case, please give the counselor and/or teacher their section ASAP.  The counselor's part should be turned into the Guidance Office.

Online Applications

Many schools now prefer online applications and many will have you print a signature page for the counselor; read the application thoroughly before starting.  Make working copies; identify deadline dates, follow directions carefully, proofread and make photocopies of everything you send.

Letters of Recommendation

When asking for a letter of recommendation, provide your teacher/counselor with a copy of your resume.  Make arrangements with your teacher/counselor on an individual basis and allow plenty of time for your letter to be written.  Write a short "thank you" to the person who has supported you in this way.

Submitting Applications

Attach the following with a paper clip and bring to the Guidance Office (A transcript and ACT scores, if on file at the HS, will automatically be sent with college applications).

  • Completed and signed application or signature page (this includes parent/guardian signature if you are not 18).
  • The application fee (if applicable).

If you apply on-line and a transcript is needed, please request a transcript be sent through Parchment.