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The primary purpose of the Guidance Office is to help students help themselves. Students facing problems of personal, educational, or career nature should feel free at all times to use the services of the Guidance Office.

The following list includes some of the areas in which students might seek the services of the department:

  • To discuss personal problems and to seek a solution
  • To help with the selection of school subjects and plan a program of study
  • To request a change in class schedules
  • To obtain information pertaining to colleges
  • To obtain information on specific vocations and apprenticeship opportunities
  • To obtain information pertaining to the armed forces
  • To apply for college entrance examinations
  • To obtain information on scholarships and loans for post-secondary education
  • To obtain help in the interpretation of standardized test results
  • To assist students in participating in post-secondary education option programs

General Appointments

If you would like to make an appointment to talk with the guidance office, please use the button below.

Schedule Appointment

Guidance Office Staff:

Becky Abbott      Social Worker        320-616-2215                    

Shae Edgerton    Social Worker    320-616-2256

Kolbi Grant          Counselor          320-616-2213

Lisa Anez             Secretary             320-616-2212